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"Too Many Ghosts"

Woody Aplanalp (instruments and vocals)

1 Its A Shame: with Jon Neimann (Keyboards) Tony Austin (drums) Miles Mosley (bass)

2 Beepsy: with Justin Smith (drums)

3 Walnut Grove: with Anthony Logerfo (drums) John Avila (bass) Jon Neimann (mellotron)

4 Altadena: with Gwendolyn (vocals) Brandon Jay (percussion) John Avila (bass)

5 Too Many Ghosts: with Dylan Mckenzie (backing vocals) John Avila (bass)

6 Do Something

7 Crumbs: with Jameson Trotter (keyboards) Justin Smith (drums)

8 Ode to Ridge Road: with Randy Gloss (percussion) Jason Chesney (bass)

9 Spanish Lady

10 Hey Brown Eyes: with Corey McCormick (bass) Bryon Holley (drums)

11 Sideways Summer: with Juan Perez (bass)

12 Rain: with Jason Chesney (bass) Justin Smith (drums)

13 Long Long Time: with Corey McCormick (bass) Bryon Holley (drums)

14 The Drunk Firefly

15 My Little Corner of the World: with Liela Avila (vocals) Robert Hall (synthesizer)

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