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“Los Angeles guitarist Woody Aplanalp has gotten pretty far out there working with artists ranging from free-jazz fencing with Nels Cline to power-driven jazz-funk-soul with Miles Mosley’s West Coast Get Down, and he’s toured with R&B stars Lauryn Hill and Bobby Womack. But here, as Bonsai Universe, it seems he’s a lovelorn, introspective gentle spirit with a cosmic gaze. It’s with that gaze that he opens this album, on title track Moonstream, with a tone that almost matches some of Yes’ most ethereal passages. Heck, his reedy voice even evokes that of Yes singer Jon Anderson.” —Steve Hochman, KPCC ‘Take Two’

“Not like I expected at all. Much better. Aplanalp has stretched even my limits while keeping the album thematically solid. Good songs very well-produced and in just the right order. A nod and a wink, Woody. You done good.” —Frank Gutch Jr., No Depression

“I cannot quite put my finger on what to make of this musical project by journeyman vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Woody Aplanalp… and perhaps that is why his music is so intriguing. It is because it is so intoxicatingly different. There are lush, ethereal keyboard landscapes in abundance, but there are also folksy acoustic guitar passages and avant garde, but hooky pop passages, plus an undertow of psychedelia. Woody has an undeniably catchy voice and a quirky sense for lyric writing, putting an extra dose of intrigue into even the most generic subject matter. If you respect solid songwriting talents that have zero qualms about creating different but captivating, then strap yourself in for this ride.” —Tom McCarter, KZSU Stanford

“The new project is the brainchild of Woody Aplanalp resulting in an odd mix of hippie-electro grooves supplemented by quirky yet polished backing sounds and sweet vocals.”
—Rock The Body Electric

“Aplanalp has had a varied career, mixing with the avant-garde (playing with the Nels Cline Trio) to the highest of pop success (touring with both Bobby Womack and Aloe Blacc). Those worlds seem to be in play on all of his songs in a tug of war between artistic experiments while shooting for mass appeal… The professional sideman has crafted an engaging release and Bonsai Universe will hopefully prove to be a a new jumping off point in his career, placing him center stage.” —Rock The Body Electric

“From the far out reaches of space comes the latest release from Bonsai Universe… The album begins with the steady electronic folk output of the title-song Moonstream. He goes back to the more experimental, keyboard-filled music of Why Are My Dreams, then he gets an acoustic, island-flair going with Sweet Exaggeration. The album finishes with the gentle-touch of A Lot Of Nerve, the atmospheric drifting of Too Real and the electric folk appeal of Starstream.” —JP’s Music Log

“Woody effectively captures your attention by combining different styles into one instantly delectable mix. He has a velvety smooth voice that's perfectly suited for his dreamy ethereal compositions. The sound quality is top notch from start to finish. A remarkably successful album on so many levels… Recommended. Top pick.”

—Baby Sue Music Review

“This album seems to take the folk music of the 60’s and infuse it with electric instrumentation, such that it becomes folk music for a new and more sophisticated age… We like the unique sound of Bonsai Universe and are proud to highly recommend this one.” —Indie Voice Blog

“A modern hippie with a solid CV dips his toes in the water with this break out album in that it's his solo debut and the kick off of his new group concept (and they)take you on a prog lite trip through the universe.”
—The Grateful Web

“Moonstream is a welcome solo project and fantastic debut from Bonsai Universe and Woody Aplanalp.”
—Chain DLK

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